Iain Duncan Smith

by Jack Frayne-Reid

IDS – Inhumane dole stealer
IDS – Impotent death spreader
IDS – Irritating dickhead syndrome
IDS – Immoral dastardly shit
IDS – Income diddling slag
IDS – Imperial David’s sycophant
IDS – Invigorated disabled slayer
IDS – Indecent department shittifier
IDS – Incompetent disaster stick
IDS – Infested despair sponge
IDS – Infected dog stamper
IDS – Imminent downward slope
IDS – It dick shit
IDS – Inward dildo slider
IDS – Icky dump sediment
IDS – Intermittent damp semen
IDS – Interminable diseased salad
IDS – Incredibly disreputable simpleton
IDS – Insatiably delivering savings
IDS – Inactive despite slaughter
IDS – Impossibly disappointed supremacist
IDS – Invariably deservedly sad
IDS – Itchy dandruff sucker
IDS – Illiberal domicile squeezer
IDS – Immolating dreams swiftly
IDS – It’s definitely shameful
IDS – Impossibly diligent sadist
IDS – Inert downbeat shag
IDS – Ian’s desperate swansong
IDS – In death, superior.



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