The poppycop sees you

The poppycop knows

The poppycop has eyes everywhere

Eyes that spy treachery

Treachery to the crown

The poppycop prowls the streets

vigilant for treasonous deeds

And the poppycop sees

And the poppycop knows

The poppycop sees that there is no poppy on your lapel

And would like to ask you if there’s any particular reason

Or if you just forgot

And if you did forget

Well, it’s not a hard thing to remember, is it?

And they come cheap

Unless you want to make a more generous donation

If you really care

Where is your poppy, sir?

Do you hate Britain?

The poppycop sees and the poppycop knows

The poppycop knows it’s cold and you’re not wearing your Help for Heroes hoodie

That you stood up late for the national anthem at your graduation ceremony

And the poppycop knows that you considered not standing for it at all

Where is your poppy, sir?

Why do you hate Britain?

And why do you not have the back of each and every one of our boys

Our boys, from whose guns freedom blossoms

To a poppy field where the sun never sets

They civilised the world, our boys

So be civilised

And wear your fucking poppy

The poppycop sees and the poppycop knows

And prays to the giant poppy at king’s cross station

The avatar of faith in queen and country

That a great man once called “Daddy Poppy”

It is only good and proper to love one’s poppy

And the poppycop strives to maintain propriety

So when that cold knock braces your door

You know who it will be

For you have done wrong

And you have been caught in the act

Sans poppy

And no, a poppy twibbon will not do

Take a new photo

And no, a white poppy will not do

And don’t listen to Veterans for Peace

They will not do

For those poppy-haters

They were once our boys too

But they have strayed from the path

The path of the righteous man

And they are someone else’s boys now

Probably ISIS

Or Putin

You’ve been listening to them, haven’t you?

Well the Poppycop sees you

And the poppycop knows

And like all those who have wronged the British Empire,

And put false idols first,

The poppycop

Will see to your comeuppance.



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