Arguments for Socialism


This is my writing on the politics. I hope you enjoy the politics, because this is the politics right here.

Legitimate Concerns

Zac Goldsmith: a hit piece on the eve of the Richmond Park by-election for which I couldn’t think of an amusing cat pun for the title

Mano el Mano: Why Mike Hookem is the only leader who can save UKIP

All leftists have a duty to sever ties with the SWP

Your da goes electric

The Bottomless, Fiendish Stupidity of the Horseshoe

Do Labour MPs have a personal mandate against Jeremy Corbyn?

Going, Going, Gone

On the assassination of Jo Cox


Rust Never Sleeps: How the government left an old steel town for dead

It’s time for David Cameron to resign

Corbyn and the Bonfire Pissers

Labour’s Flickering Flame – Winner of the Brunel University 2016 Society & Media Award for Best Le Nurb Article.

I won a thing!

IDS & the Catastrofuck Budget: Labour is winning the argument

Blood libel and plain old libel: on the notion that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite

Ballet up front: The Mail, the Telegraph, and other household pests