The Weimar Liberal Intelligentsia

A short, short story on the foibles of liberalism.

For the Weimar liberal intelligentsia, the dinner parties of newspaper editor Klaus Gütenstrum were a hot ticket. Held with a reliable frequency just about every fortnight, they became a hub of discussion and debate for some of the most eminent citizens of Berlin and the world beyond. In the parlance of our times, they also happened to be an unfailingly right-on bunch. Not for them the rising tide of chest-thumping nationalism that had been slowly engulfing their nation for years. Consequently, by the time Gütenstrum hosted a typically illustrious gathering one night in 1927, as they chewed the fat on the issues of the day, a tangible sense of worry gnawed its way through the conversation. (more…)


John McTernan thinks you’re a moron. And not just if you’re the kind of croissant-munching, wind-chime-hanging lefty the former Blair adviser makes his living disagreeing with. In general. If you’re explicitly right-wing, and actively support the Conservative Party, he probably thinks you’re a moron, too, although a more respectable … Continue reading Anti-McTernan