Reel Politik


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Episode 1 – Atlas Shrugged Pt. 1 (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)
Episode 2 – Atlas Shrugged Pt. 2 (Mirror)
Episode 3 – Festive Special: The Lonely Island, Xmas Flix, Cop or Comrade, Owen Smith (ft. Alex Close) (Mirror)
Episode 4 – Labour Party Political Broadcasts (Mirror)
Episode 5 – Revenge of the Party Political Broadcasts (Mirror)
Episode 6 – Enoch Had It Wrong: Odd Man Out (ft. Kieran Morris) (Mirror)
Episode 7 – #J20 International Flag Burning Day (Mirror)
Episode 8 – Rod Liddle’s Liberal Elite Test (Mirror)
Episode 9 – As Far Back As We Can Remember (Martin Scorsese Pt. 1: 1967-88) (Mirror)
Episode 10 – Martin Scorsese’s Ecstatic Truth (Pt. 2: 1989-2017) (Mirror)
Episode 11 – A Confederacy of Nonces (Mirror)
Episode 12 – The Parliamentary Road to Salafism (Mirror)
Episode 13 – #SoftScoop (Mirror)
Episode 14 – Cop or Comrade Special (ft. @Pete_Begins) (Mirror)
Episode 15 – Vape and Hash Socialism Pt. 1 (ft. Tim MacGabhann) (Mirror) (Mirror 2)
Episode 16 – Vape and Hash Socialism Pt. 2 (ft. Tim MacGabhann) (Mirror)
Episode 17 – Gordon’s Photocopy Boy (Mirror)
Episode 18 – Who Will Speak For Liberal Britain? (Mirror)
Episode 19 – Neighbour, How Stands the Union? (ft. Violet Lucca) (Mirror)
Episode 20 – Poundshop Ruth Davidsons (ft. Alistair Craig & Liam Gleeson) (Mirror)
Episode 21 – Scotland Yard (ft. Alistair Craig & Liam Gleeson) (+ Snap election) (Mirror)
Episode 22 – The Red and the Blue (Mirror)
Episode 23 – Toad Hall (Mirror)
Episode 24 – Legitimate Concerns (ft. Jude Wanga) (Mirror)
Episode 25 – Manifesto 2: The Return of the Concerns (ft. Jude Wanga) (Mirror)

Reel Politik is a podcast by Russia, bringing you red-hot, unabashedly partisan dispatches from the front line of politics, along with rigorous Marxist analysis of cinema, news media, literature, music and more. The Reel Politik podcast is bankrolled by various forces of considerable disrepute from around the world, and also functions as slug repellent. The most cathartic podcast on the left.